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Wirewax: making your products part of an experience

Posted by KingEclient on 14 February, 2017

The sun is rising and there’s a group of young people sitting by the beach, laughing, talking, having fun. They are listening to this tune that you won’t be able to stop singing for the entire day. Their clothes are just amazing; careless look and amazing looks. You want to be there, or at least, get a bit of their youthfulness. However, you are holding your phone, watching their video. How can you possibly get what they have? Well, just let me tell you a secret: You can.

We have recently tried an online service called ‘Wirewax and we couldn’t be more amazed with its flexibility and ability to get to users. Wirewax is a software that allows any object displayed in a video to pop out and just like that be sold. So, basically, imagine you are watching a makeup tutorial and the mascara they just used is wonderful. You just feel the need to get it in that very moment. However, you are running late and just stop the video and forget about it. What if that product was a click away from you? When you feel like wanting something form a video you can actually get it. Just like that.



Wirewax can seem complex to use: connecting videos to products, managing the whole process, making sure everything is working properly… Don’t worry, its interface works a bit like a video editor, just upload a video and create hotspots wherever you want to get a client’s attention. For example, a hotspot can be a little star that is showing on someone’s jumper while the video is playing, then, users would just click on the hotspot and be able to buy the jumper. Of course, the software has many functionalities far more complex than this, however, you choose how far you want to go.

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