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Why your company needs a good Customer Journey Map

Posted by KingEclient on 12 April, 2019

When defining a strategy for your brand it can be hard to perceive what are the most important things to take into account. No matter what, there is always one thing that has to be very clear: the user has to be the center of your strategy. Getting to know your customers and offering them content of value at the appropriate moment is essential. But, how can you figure that out? How can you know what your customers need or want and when? The answer is simple: a good Customer Journey Map.

As a part of Design Thinking, a Customer Journey Map is a visual representation of all the stages the customers go through in every step of their buying process, from the moment they have a need or a problem to the period of the post-sale of the product. It allows you to know how the customers feel and what their expectations are with your brand or products.

Through their whole buying process, you must make sure that Customer Experience is taken into account. To have engagement, your customers must be happy with their experience. If they are, your brand will have a good reputation and the chances of them buying your products again will be much higher. Also, identifying obstacles and pain points that are blocking your customers from making their desired action can help your brand diminish them.

If you comprehend how the buying process of your customers works you will be able to understand how to structure every Touchpoint in order to be persuasive, ensuring that they get to reach all their goalsBut, do not forget: it is very important to collect data from them first!

The benefits of using a good Customer Journey Maps are notable. Even though the process of creating one can be extensive, it is definitely very valuable and necessary for brands. Thanks to Customer Journey Maps you are able to analyze every phase of interaction with your clients, getting to know what you are offering -and specially what you are not offering- to make sure that you give the best experience possible, differentiating your brand from others. It can also help you customize your service to give each customer what they personally need.

If you want a simple walkthrough on how to create Customer Journey Maps, you can check this video. It is very simple and clear, we love it!

Definitely, Customer Journey Maps can help you discover the emotions and motivations that your customers have through their whole journey when considering buying a product from your brand. It can make you provide the right content at the right time, making sure that your potential customers go from their present phase to the next one, ensuring that they buy your product at the end of their journey.


Written by KingEclient

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