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Why Cybersecurity should be part of Internal Comm. Strategies

Posted by KingEclient on 9 May, 2019

Cybersecurity is a very important issue, especially in companies. It is a concept that is used to refer to any type of security that affects computer systems of information. We can define it as tools, policies, concepts and methods that can be used in order to protect the organisation and users in its cyber environment.

Effective cybersecurity reduces the risk of cyberattacks and protects against the unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies. It is important to take care of the information through diverse actions in order to protect the data. For big organisations, cyberattacks are very dangerous, as they can damage equipment, make work networks fall or steal secret and private information.

In a changing environment, companies face the constant challenge of adapting everyday. It is fundamental for them to be able to communicate in an agile way to all their audiences, especially on issues such as cybersecurity. According to Gartner, the international expense on cybersecurity will reach 170.000 millions of dollars by 2020 since companies are starting to be completely aware of the danger of cyberattacks.


What can organisations do to protect their data?


Companies must understand the risks of using technology, especially when this technology changes constantly. Also, solid cybersecurity strategies are necessary to keep stakeholders and clients’ trust, as they need to know that their private information is completely safe.

To protect their data, organisations should:

  • Make formal and conscious decisions.
  • Assign a qualified administrator.
  • Determine a responsible for sustainability (long term).
  • Educate members about security objectives.


If you want to know more, here is a TED Talk about Cybersecurity from expert Nick Espinosa: ‘The Five Laws of Cybersecurity’.



According to ProtectIT, the level of employees’ consciousness in cybersecurity is very low, as they are not very aware of their importance in keeping high levels of security in companies. They must know the risks of their environment to feel safe. This is why it is essential to make employees part of the cybersecurity strategy of the organisations – and there are many ways to do so!


Employees are an essential part of the cybersecurity strategy


Investing in cybersecurity is essential, but it does not only have to do with that. It is key to inform and educate employees to make a good use of their equipment, as it is easier now to detect problems caused by them. It is necessary to integrate cybersecurity in the internal communication of a company.

According to Shred.it, 88% of big companies in the UK think that negligence of employees is the biggest risk of the security of information. The main goal of companies should be to communicate in a close and funny way to employees, making them develop a cybersecure behaviour. To maximize the impact, there are diverse formats that can be used in order to educate employees, such as newsletters, microsites… and even more innovative ways, like videos, memes, GIFs and games! The objective is to raise awareness within employees about the risks that involve not being careful with this type of security: the use of long passwords, not using external devices, understanding the difference between an email and phishing


What can we do for you?


As part of the digital business transformation of companies, at KingEclient we create diverse awareness campaigns through different formats that help companies get closer to their employees and train them in cybersecurity. We analyse models, the companies’ necessities and define the stakeholders of the project to take action creating a strategy according to objectives. We execute the actions and evaluate them in order to present conclusions.

Our goal is to instruct employees with a high creative impact through multimedia pieces that adequate to objectives. We get closer to them in an attractive and visual way that makes them involved in the security corporative rules. We also make them part of corporate events that are linked to the cybersecurity theme in the work environment. With this type of actions, we raise awareness in their work habits, such as safe shopping and instant messaging, and make them aware of their important role in the cybersecurity of the company.


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Written by KingEclient

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