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What is this ‘Agile’ thing all about?

Posted by KingEclient on 12 April, 2019

Digital transformation is everywhere. Businesses have been abducted by the mix of digital technologies, where their impact has been huge. The change is noticeable in the way companies work and organize themselves. Nowadays, it is necessary to perform jobs with strategic and prioritized techniques.

Businesses use different forms to adapt themselves in this new digital era, but there is a methodology that is definitely prominent all around the world: the Agile Methodology. But, what is this Agile thing exactly about?

Many ideas of the Agile Methodology appeared in the 1970s as a reaction of traditional approaches to project developments, when Dr. William Royce wrote a paper discussing the way large software systems were being managed. He stated that projects could be developed similar to products through an assembly line divided by phases, where each phase had to be completed before the next one could begin.

It was not until 2001 that a proper Agile Manifesto was written, where ideas and concepts were put together. The Agile Manifesto is at the core of the Agile Movement. After its publication, software development started to be a faster process, speeding up development time.

Since then, this methodology has started being part of not only software businesses, but all kinds of companies offering diverse services to clients. However, there are many steps to follow in order to apply a proper Agile Transformation. Companies must get away from traditional hierarchical organizational models, readapting themselves into a new perspective of executing projects. Reorganization is important to transform and prepare employees in this new way of performing their work, as they must be completely involved in the process. Without this transformation, success is not even close to possible.

The Agile Methodology represents the embrace of change and adaptation to change. It describes an alternative method of project management. The biggest challenge is to manage that change through discipline and control, especially for self-directed teams. It may be hard at first, but it really is worth it, as it helps teams adapt themselves to change faster, not only internally but externally as well. Flexibility is also a highlighted point of the Agile Methodology, allowing teams to make changes even late in the development processes. As teams, they also can shape schedules with their clients, adapting faster to new necessities that may appear during the processes and leading change in a productive and profitable way.

The Agile Methodology is based on 12 principles:

  1. Satisfying clients through early and continuous delivery.
  2. Accepting change.
  3. Frequent interaction through delivering work weekly or monthly, focusing on a shorter timescale.
  4. Daily teamwork between business people and developers.
  5. Motivating people.
  6. Face to face communication.
  7. Constant work of self-organized teams.
  8. Calculation and evaluation of work.
  9. Commitment to excellence.
  10. Search for simplicity, reducing documentation and planning to a minimum, putting more emphasis on development, helping the completion of projects before deadlines.
  11. Evolution.
  12. Reflection of consistency.

Evolving as an organization and confronting challenges is not always easy, but the benefits of the Agile Methodology are highly noticeable for businesses. It helps teams function and maintain focus on rapid delivery, reducing risks and problems that may show up. It also makes sure that the value is improved throughout the whole process of development using planning and feedback results that reflect on the work done, helping both teams and clients ensure that each goal is taken into account.

Definitely, the Agile Methodology guides companies to build the right product in the marketplace, making sure that the clients’ necessities are always satisfied through the constant measure and evaluation of the project.

At KingEclient we believe in the power of the Agile Methodology for software development. We focus on individuals and interactions through collaboration, always responding to change and focusing on achieving every single challenge.


Written by KingEclient

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