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User experience or usability at its best

Posted by KingEclient on 24 July, 2013

Why is our motto “Challenging results”?

This is because we are thrilled with challenges, because we are demanding and because we focus on results. So, where could we find the successfulness of the results? Actually that answer is somewhat more complex because each project has its specific indicators and measuring methods including that the relevance of those indicators may be different depending on the indicators quantity and the project they are from. But if we were to synthesize, we would probably agree that one of the main indicators of success of any project in online environments is that the result is consumed. In other words, that someone across a device is using it, reading it, assuming it, squeezing it, enjoying it… interacting with it. We could say, therefore, that the success will be based in the number of users using the application against the expected amount.




The best way to do this is that this application, does not stops in being useful, also becomes an experience susceptible to be repeated motu propio. That offers answers to the needs and captivates through the how. In the late 90s, after the web passed from the hands of the informatics to the hands of the designers ( graphics … those who had an impeccable track record in translating ideas, messages and concepts on paper ) there was a man who started proclaim the word ” usability ” and developing a philosophy about the same with the main objective (well, second , after sales and procurement conferences) was to evangelize the need to develop online applications with an eye “on the other side “, namely, on who is going to consume or use , ergo the user. And so, more or less, began the era of usability as a discipline that is here to stay and that, nowadays, consists of techniques, procedures and methodologies as varied as accurate. Usability has come a long way in that time, over 15 years, and has done so giant steps, and as well, which ended up being devoured by its own magnitude so that is now part of the mother of all disciplines designed to facilitate and promote the use of our content or online services: user experience, also known by his war name: UX. Although sometimes seems to be the new legacy of a superior culture newcomer to our planet , so it is sometimes difficult to convey the value you bring to any project, the user experience , as a set of methodologies , is not new , nor exclusive online world as a priori might seem. Without going any further, and serve as an example, the success of the children’s television series par excellence (Sesame Street) is based on a thorough job of adapting the scripts to the results obtained after subjecting parts in the strict production process of the most demanding users: children. This user is not usually beat around the bush and if something draws his attention from the first second, consumes it, if don’t, ignores it.



The fact is that, not being a novelty, is something we have internalized from the very beginning of our time (the “eClient” is not a coincidence). The user experience is one of the axis in which the evolution of the projects that we undertake pivots. Because it leads to success. Because it is measurable. And because it offers results, we prefer those that are challenging, but always satisfactory. The next time you undertake a project with us, we encourage you to observe closely the processes and methodologies and see, one way or another in these challenging results we are offering you, the user, your client and main sponsor of your success, has his own role. He is the real King.

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