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There is no doubt, Mobile is the answer

Posted by KingEclient on 19 September, 2017

There is been a lot of talk about how smartphones are changing us. Mobile is changing the way we behave. And mobile phone data can accurately predict what the phone’s owner will do tomorrow. True story.

The developments have not only been in sectors like commerce, banking and travel industries, along with multiple services like we have seen in the recent years. The newest trend now is medicine. The prevention of mental health diseases, together with healthline apps that help patients to control and track their illness.

‘When it comes to mobile, the possibilities are infinite’, says Adobe in the Mobile Maturity Survey Analytics taken this 2017.

In the era of Customer and User Experience, the outputs of mobile interactions are fascinating for both consumers and businesses. The range of opportunities is huge.

Here is some interesting data about Mobile:

  • 92% of online population consider their smartphones to be their primary device.
  • An average user checks their smartphone 85 times a day.
  • Webs visits in mobile have increased by 70% from 2015 to May 2017.
  • National News is the most mobile-visited content, with a 50% increase from last year.
  • App launches have declined a 25% for both phone and tablet devices.

According to the analysis of that survey, information about mobile traffic is revealed for each industry, as shown:


Mobile’s Role in UX and Marketing

Good news to our industry! According to a section of the analysis, both user experience and marketing have a huge role in mobile consumer’s habits. Cross-channel marketing, data-driven marketing and customer experience are the actions that most influence users to follow the strategy and programs defined by the firm. According to Matt Jones, general manager of mobile from Home Depot, not only a department of a firm should be focused on marketing and UX.

It is crystal clear that prioritizing UX and marketing actions are crucial to be present in the digital era, and all efforts of the firm should have the ‘mobile-first’ concept in mind.

Written by Anna Vicent

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