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The top 5 trends in digital marketing and social media in 2016

Posted by KingEclient on 15 February, 2016

Do you love being up to the minute with the latest digital trends? Do you want to be ahead of the game on your social networks? In this post we tell you about the top 5 techniques to ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear on the Internet in 2016.


1. More video marketing

The video has consolidated its position as the star format for content. The figures bear this out: 75% of the most frequently consumed online content is made up of videos and GIFs. In 2015, time spent on Youtube was also up 40% on the previous year. Videos carry a clear message, are fun, entertaining and able to surprise: everything that is needed to make a hit on the net. And they are so easy to share that they may well go viral. From a SEO perspective they are considered to offer high quality content, which helps to improve their SEO positioning, increase engagement rate and boost customer loyalty. All this means that we are likely to see an increase in advertising investment in this format. We also expect an increase in the popularity of 3D videos on Youtube and improvement in augmented reality experiences such as those offered by Google on the Cardboard device or on Facebook via Oculus Rift.



2. The Internet of Things

As we know, the term Internet of Things refers to the use of our mobiles to control smart household items fitted with sensors. The leader of the pack is the Apple Homekit, whose voice-activated virtual assistant, Siri, can be requested to operate all your home products. With the installation of a few sensors you can control your lighting, heating, domestic appliances and the house alarm.

In addition to the convenience of the remote control, the Internet of Things brings customized marketing a step closer. It is now possible to detect customers’ needs in real time and we can now get so close to the potential customer that we are able to offer them our products the minute they need them. Just imagine a smart fridge that lets you know when it’s time to do the shopping and what the best deals are at the nearest supermarket.


3. The revolution in wearables

The sudden arrival of wearables on the scene has brought about new challenges for marketing and content design. These devices are designed to fit slot into the consumer’s daily routine and habits, so the key is to offer short, useful, targeted messages. There are already a number of companies who are adapting their advertising and communications to the world of wearables. American Airlines sends information to its passengers’ smartwatches when they step into the airport; the British daily The Guardian sends a brief, wearable-friendly news update to its users; and there are a number of other companies who are also working on apps for these 280 x 280 screens.


4. The Year of Instagram

This network just goes on growing: it has 400 million users and is expected to be the most influential network in 2017, powering past even Facebook. Instagram has proved itself to be the perfect platform for social commerce since it added ‘more information’ and ‘buy now’ buttons towards the end of last year.

In addition, Instagram Ads arrive in Spain in the autumn, making it possible to run “sponsored” ad campaigns. The visual power of this network and the strength of its parent company Facebook make it a key platform for branding.


5. Invest in influencers

Take good note: “3% of the most influential people on the Internet generate 90% of the impact”. These “influencers” – anything from sportspeople to models – are well positioned in a specific theme niche and can be easily identified by the public. Their posts have high reach and feedback rates and are not seen as intrusive, so conversion rates are also high.

At KEC we are totally sold on these strategies and we will add all the best new ones to appear. What about you? What do you want to achieve?

Written by Lorena Velasco

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