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The smart way is eLearning

Posted by KingEclient on 3 October, 2017

Human Resources Development is vital to keep organizations competitive. Delivering and managing your training plans through technology is key.

In today’s corporate environments development and training of you employees is vital to keep being competitive in any market. Corporations or any organization with a considerable number of people or geographically distributed teams have an opportunity to use technology to provide training programs that employees can access from any device at any time.

eLearning picked up quickly in academic environments and up until now we have seen that most eLearning solutions addressed to corporations would basically be an LMS (Learning Management System). However, corporations, like any other organization that delivers training, needs a complete solution because not only delivers training to employees but also has the need to manage all this training.

The basic functionalities a good training solution has to offer are:

1. Management of the complete training life cycle

2. Planning of training programs

3. Course creation and prep, students messaging, student and teacher’s portal

4. Generation of simple and complex reports, plus customer related reports with special layout

5. Resources management for students, teachers, equipment, content, etc.

6. Connection with any other system of the training’s ecosystem, especially LMS, economic information for ERPs or any other back-office application, connection with CRMs, HR systems, etc.

This is why KingEclient has teamed up with the eLearning experts, CV&A Consulting, to offer its customers a complete HR development solution that offers an outstanding learning experience but also keeps track and manages the whole training process. Why do we need usability experts in eLearning?

Usability in employee training

One of the core principles of designing custom eLearning programs for your employees is the user experience. User experience design affects the level of user engagement and the accessibility of the eLearning experience of the user.

According to a recent survey about the importance of UX in eLearning, one-third of the respondents said they had to quit a job within six months of starting it – meaning the average company is losing 1 in 6 of their new hires each month throughout the first three months. Furthermore, those that left within the first six months said “receiving clear guidelines to what my responsibilities were” and “more effective training” would have helped them stay committed to the job position.

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