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The Reasons Why: Google Analytics

Posted by KingEclient on 26 September, 2017

How can you really know your triumphs when managing a marketing strategy? Or maybe you just opened a site for your business. Do you want to know the feedback you get? Metrics are one of the most important factors for the success of a project, and even more in the consultancy world. In King Eclient we are fully aware of this, and we want to train our staff of the benefits of using platforms like Google Analytics, and how to perform the analysis properly.

The training performed by our specialists Federico Ferreyra, Carles Civit, Rodrigo Zamora and Elisabet Molina was very helpful to spread the knowledge.

The range of possibilities in Google Analytics go further than you can imagine. These are some of the advantages of using metrics platforms for your marketing and UX activities, and the reasons we do use GA:

To boost ‘social value’.

The virality of the content is measured in percentage by the concept of ‘social value’. It is fundamental for the SEO. To know the contents with better share rate allows us to understand what users find more ‘shareable’.

To make an analysis for each campaign.

A handy way of tracking campaigns is offered; you can literally track any campaign that is driving traffic to your website, and join it with social media activities for the same campaign. In order to get this right, you have to understand how to work with utm parameters.

Because of the high level of personalization.

Powerful customizable reports are available. To create your own reports is easy with their drag and drop interface. There is also the option of adding many different dimensions and metrics in one report.

To easily export -and further report- results.

Easy integration with survey and testing tools. The use of Data Studio as a continuous or final report of the activity is also available by Google for simple and single-source reports of data demanded.

To receive warnings via e-mail.

Apart from continuous information sent via e-mail, there is an option of customizable alerts that can be setup. Imagine you want to detect an error 404 in your site as soon as possible, for the first visit on the site, a mail will be sent to you, and the error can be recovered.

To measure the value of each user gotten.

Google Analytics permits to collect some data about the traffic. In King Eclient we created a formula to calculate the value per user earned. The computation of this new user, or new view, or click on a banner… is crucial for the analysis of marketing campaigns.

Written by Anna Vicent

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