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The evolution of our eCommerce services

Posted by KingEclient on 25 March, 2020

KingEclient was born as a web usability company that focuses on guiding its clients to success in the digital world. With this, we started the creation of online portals (eCommerce B2C, B2B, transactional banking portals, etc.). As the client’s needs evolved, we added services to optimize their online business such as online campaigns, SEO and CRO.

In today’s paradigm, our clients need to create holistic experiences that combine the capabilities of the digital and physical worlds by leveraging all available technology at our fingertips. That is why we currently excel in the design of new disruptive business models (Conversational commerce, phygital experiences…), taking advantage of all our UX research capabilities, digital product design and business strategy. In addition, we are working to incorporate new collaborators to help us integrate the necessary hardware to create mixed experiences between the digital and physical worlds. We can offer a wide range of services but we are specialists in customer-focused business innovation:


Off to On migration services and standard eCommerce creation

Everything associated to the creation of online sales portals (both B2B and B2C), as well as the digitalization of internal operation flows to carry out the sale: Digital eCommerce strategies, Online Loyalty Models, Migration to Magento 2, Integrations with ERP, CRM and PIM, Design and implementation of sales management systems…


eCommerce optimization services

Services linked to optimising the sales targets of portals, such as increasing the average ticket, promoting cross-selling or increasing the number of total customers: User tests, Optimization of sales funnels, SEO Services, Social Media, Ads, Email Marketing and SEM Campaigns, UX Copywriting, Benchmarks, Best practices analysis…


Services for the creation of disruptive eCommerce models

We include everything related to innovation in business models, products and services: Ethnographic studies, User tests, Co-creation workshops, Prototype design, Business strategy design, Management of communities for evangelization and continuous improvement of products and services…



Profile and habits of online consumers: Spain’s case






We seek balance in innovation


Disruption initiates massive economic transformations in existing markets and value networks, which generally displace established market leaders, products and/or alliances and thus disrupt the status quo.

At KingEclient we design new disruptive models, seeking a balance between three factors: Desirable for the user and the business, Possible on a technical level and Feasible at the regulatory level and business capabilities.


Written by KingEclient

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