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The Art of Influencer Marketing

Posted by KingEclient on 20 July, 2017

Put in a shaker famous people, social media and a product or brand to sell… the result is what influencer marketing looks like. The impact of role models on the population is huge with social media. Influencers are becoming potential customers’ idols and the advantages, in any business, from every industry, should boost their influencer marketing budgets for a better consumer reach.

We tend to think of influencers in the digital content space as people who have high number of blog or social media followers and actually, the definition of influencer is much more elastic than that. The clue is to find the right influencer and not the one that has more followers. Finding the right influencer will make you get to the right audience without spending pots of money.

Apart from thinking of the right audience your influencer is exposed to, the other issue you will have to face in your influencer decision-making process is: What social media platform is my influencer using? For influencer marketing, one-size-fits all is definitely not the way to go. Focusing on platform-specific help you take into consideration demographics and lifestyle of the market that we want to direct the campaign to.

And maybe the best recommendation you can hear from what you learn from influencers is that you do not have to focus on finding one influencer. Diversification may be the best option in influencer marketing and will keep you away from a campaign failure.


A Little History

Let’s make a little throwback of how may influencer marketing may have started in 1987. The New York Giants were a minute from winning the Super Bowl. Phil Simms was asked at the end of the match what was he going to do after having won the Super Bowl and full of happiness he answered: ‘I’m going to go to Disney World!’. Only a day later, Disney ran their first TV commercial with this magic – and organic- moment. Probably without knowing it, Simms is now one of the first influencers in history.



Content Matters

The most important things about influencer marketing is not probably the famous people you get to join the movement, but the content of the campaign. Creativity must be the first priority for your influencer campaign to kill it. And that’s why the Shorty Awards were created prizing the best integration of an influencer, celebrity or ambassador as part of social media marketing campaign. You can get plenty of ideas from the best marketers and creatives taking a look at the winners and finalists of this year’s campaigns.

One of the most viral marketing videos was ‘My Tales of Whisky Yule Log’. A more than 10-hour video of Ron Swason drinking Lagavuin whiskey by the fire. The video was released on Christmas Eve Day, just in time for consumers to enjoy during their Holiday celebrations. Plenty of homes all over the world enjoyed the company of Ron Swason during their holidays with their families, and the whiskey company’s impact was huge the weeks after too. It has been the winner of the 8th annual Shorty Awards, 2 Million views on Youtube were achieved and channels subscribers increased from 5.5k to 23k.



Ikea is prepared for the Back-to-School with a duo that comprises Superfruit from the music group Pentatonix. They created a clickable video-ad that permits users answer quiz questions and click on buttons about their home décor style to find the right products for them. This ad helps people discover content, and gets users to know Ikea’s products in a very original way. Mainly focused to millennials and with the perfect marketing strategy. This campaign uses Snapchat as main platform, which is recently very interested in cultivating relationships with influencers and social ads. Interactive content is a very interesting kind of content to create, which we definitely add to our ideas’ list.

The Body Shop has achieved this by creating a whole movement supporting the Animals Rights and positioning against cosmetic companies performing Animal Testing. ­­This amazing campaign gets celebrities to join the ‘I am Forever Against Animal Treatment’ movement. And celebrities’ pets participate in the campaign as well!

The important feature of this campaign is that they use a social mission as their main content in social media. The Body Shop has been able to connect with likeminded customers and to earn engagement and loyalty from their customers, and that’s because people like big corporations to be socially committed. With genius campaigns like this one you are going to get even your followers to create user-generated content for you.

Influencers provide unique and intriguing content and are going to increase content search and engagement. When you partner influencers, you not only gain spread, but credibility of your content to an entire new audience. If what you are seeking is authenticity for your marketing campaign… do not hesitate, partner an influencer!

Written by Anna Vicent

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