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Surfing 2022

Posted by KingEclient on 22 December, 2021
Yet another year has shot by. For those of us who are lucky enough to enjoy our work as much as kids with a new toy, the years seem to go by at warp speed.


A few years ago I tried to learn to surf. I was a late starter, but with the support of good teachers I learnt to ride the waves. Sometimes, when I am having a great day on the waves with friends, I think how our work is similar to surfing. As managers, we are going through a time of exciting changes. And the rules change as quickly as the waves. Our job is to know how to read them instantly and to identify the best wave to attack. Once we are on the wave, the challenge is to make the most of it. All surfers learn from the falls, but we also know that we will never repeat a previous wave. We are used to improvising in real time and getting the most out of all the exogenous factors. As a writer in the Economist put it, “the only predictable thing in our economy is that anything can happen.” The great lesson in this life is to learn to enjoy the ride and navigate the uncertainties with a positive, constructive approach. And to take advantage of the opportunities. Unlike surfing, the great thing about business is that we can ride the waves as a team, get the best out of our teammates, and so grow even faster than we would alone.


We are facing an exciting 2022, full of opportunities and great partners along the way. The best strategy is to face these waves with the right attitude and plenty of energy. If we do so, we will have a great 2022. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022.

Javier Aguilar,
CEO & Founder
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