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Reorienting Marketing practices around Customer Experience

Posted by KingEclient on 16 July, 2021


Customer experience (CX) is certainly on marketers’ minds. However, over the past few years, many marketers have focused more on what they can do rather than what they should do to ensure that the customer is always at the center of all their strategies.   


Even with the significant progress made by marketing professionals these last recent years, according to the report Marketing Through an Experience Lens by Forrester, it is critical to prioritize reimagining how brands build relationships with their customers. This is why it is vital to always keep in mind their functional preferences without neglecting the more emotional and artistic part that allows professionals to approach clients through the traditional aspects of marketing


As a result, it’s time to focus on the customer experience. Knowing about customers isn’t always enough: organizations must re-examine their traditional, inside-out procedures to guarantee that their experience is prioritized throughout the entire journey. 


Furthermore, we must remember that the underlying objective of satisfying customer demands through immersive brand experiences must be accepted in order to ensure that customer experiences are always tied to brand values. All of the technology and data in the world will be useless if firms continue to think of marketing as a department only responsible for creating ads or spec sheets

But, to ensure that the entire team emphasizes customer demands, how can we reorient marketing practices toward customer experience? From Parrish, Collins, Proulx, and Johnston, here are three helpful, practical tips: 


To begin, businesses must first uncover and comprehend how an experience-based approach differs. Adopting an experience-based transformation enhances the company’s outcomes. Thus, it’s critical to adjust the approach depending on the new strategy and, as a result, the KPIs used to measure success


The next stage is to plan and research whether or not your business is on the right track. Marketers must be able to tell whether they are on the verge of launching a full-fledged experience-driven practice or not. As a result, not only in the marketing department but throughout the firm, the maturity of the experience-driven strategy approach must be assessed. The entire organization is clear on the objectives to build and optimize processes, which can only be accomplished through a company-wide cultural shift


Last but not least, businesses have to act and get down to work. This entails selecting the appropriate technology in order to maintain a constant focus on the customer. To accomplish so, firms will need to reconsider providers, platforms, and tools to guarantee that the Customer Experience is a top priority in every activity involved in marketing execution. 


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