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Our stop in the Saudi Marketing Conference

Posted by KingEclient on 28 December, 2017

This November of 2017 KingEclient has attended one of the biggest conferences in the marketing sector, held in Saudi Arabia. The output from this conference was amazing, and we want to share this experience with all of you. Alejandro Aldamiz, one of the speakers that, together with Albert Nicolau, performed on behalf of KingEclient in the conference, tells us his thoughts on the conference.


Tell us about the SMC, what were your thoughts on the conference?

“It was held at Riyadh’s main convention center. It was quite crowded with more than 500 people attending from all around Saudi Arabia and some neighboring countries. The main attraction was the speeches performed by marketing professionals about their specialties.”

How did you participate?

“Aside from mingling around the several professionals around, we were honored with an invitation to give a speech about User Experience as a passive marketing tool.”

A speech? Could you tell us more about that?

“Well, marketing is a very broad discipline and the conference was mainly focused on active marketing approaches such as multi-platform campaigns, content creation… KingEclient, as a UX consulting firm, has a deep knowledge of a passive approach to marketing through user experience.

Therefore, we were invited to talk about our approach and showcase some of the techniques that we use to perform our services.”

Albert Nicolau receiving this award in recognition of an excellent session in the conference on behalf of KingEclient.


Interesting. You mentioned some techniques, could you share with us one of the mentioned in the conference?

“Sure, we talked extensively about eye-tracking, a technology evolving from a military application that is able to track the movement of the eyes to identify where the gaze is focused upon.

At KingEclient, we use the eye-tracking technology to positively impact our clients in areas such as:

  • Layout optimization, where we are able to identify an optimum position for the different functionalities that the platform showcases in order to provide the best user experience and the most efficient navigation.
  • Conversion rate increase, analyzing how users interact with the digital advertisement (consciously and unconsciously) allows our clients to target their market better by placing the ads in a certain position or use the colors, shapes or messages that will mostly impact the user.
  • Content optimization, when user’s interaction with content is recorded, KingEclient can extract valuable feedback that allows the client to gain more retention by a simple re-shuffle of their content to place the most impacting pieces right at eyesight.“


Very interesting, which sectors could benefit from this technology?

“There are no limits for eye-tracking in terms of application, any platform that has been built to be used by a human is susceptible to being analyzed. Of course, we can apply it to any website or mobile app (yes, we can perform an eye-tracking in mobile devices) but there are other, less intuitive applications to it, let me give you some examples:

  • Industry applications: such as the software allowing professionals to operate industrial machinery, an eye-tracking analysis greatly improves the layout making the user flow more efficient and, consequently, reducing costs.
  • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs): The banking sector is experiencing a transition into a fully digital customer experience, besides their online platforms, ATMs are also one of the bank’s touch points with its customers. KingEclient has successfully used eye-tracking technology to optimize ATMs layouts in order to create a flawless experience.”


Thank you so much, would you say that the speech’s feedback from the audience was good?

“We were awarded for our collaboration and many people approached us by the end of our speech so I would say the feedback was really good.

Saudi Arabia is a country with a great digital growth potential and at KingEclient, having been in the region for over seven years now, we understand the client’s needs and we are able to tailor our offering to the nuances of this market. This was reflected in our speech by showcasing some of the peculiar differences between our European clients and our middle eastern ones.”

Written by Anna Vicent

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