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Our Stop at Mobile World Congress 2019

Posted by KingEclient on 1 March, 2019

The Mobile World Congress 2019 just took place from Monday 25th to Thursday 28th of February 2019 at Fira de Barcelona and we were fortunate enough to be part of it! More than 109.000 people from over 198 countries and territories attended the congress, where almost 2.500 companies exhibited their products and services.

KingEclient had its own stand, where we were able to reinforce relationships with our actual clients, share our services with potential customers and show visitors our work. It was also a huge opportunity to get to know other experts in the field in order to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge.

We also had the chance to participate in the whole MWC experience visiting the entire (and immense!) exhibition. Under the slogan ‘Intelligent Connectivity’, 5G and Artificial Intelligence were the main protagonists, showing the start of a new era where technology is shaping the future more than ever, especially thanks to the Internet of Things and the use of Big Data.

As visitors, we were lucky enough to get involved with hands-on demonstrations. We experienced the most innovative mobile devices like the new Samsung Galaxy S10 – and even touchless ones like the original LG G8, that you can control through gestures. To interact with the most expected mobile, the flexible and world’s fastest foldable 5G phone Huawei Mate X, we will have to wait a little bit more!


Royole’s first foldable phone


UX is also a game changer in the industry as a result of the implementation of new technology, specially Virtual Reality through smart glasses, which is being introduced across a whole range of sectors, particularly in the transportation and leisure ones. But, as we said before, high-speed 5G networks have been the big star of the MWC 2019!


KingEclient Team experiencing Virtual Reality


One of the most powerful moments has been the world’s first 5G operation done at Barcelona’s Hospital Clínic center, that was showcased during the third day. The 5G connection allowed a connection without any lag that made possible for experts to give immediate orders to the surgeons that were in the operating room through a touchscreen pen. Obviously, the surgeons were prepared enough to do the operation, but it was a great way to present this new system that will drive a vital shift in how businesses, enterprises and people do things in their daily life.

According to Mark Melling, head of RYOT Studio EMEA at Verizon Media, companies of all sizes should have a 5G strategy in place even if they don’t think technology will be available to them any time soon. He also stated that ‘’latency is going to disappear’’ and we will be allowed to make connections more reliable and instant. Sounds very, very good!

Curious devices like bags with flexible screens also caught everybody’s attention, as well as shirts that have different sensors that help the user to prevent bad posture. It has been designed to be used in specific work environments, but who knows? Maybe we will all be able to use it everywhere in the near future!

Attending the Mobile World Congress 2019 has been an amazing experience for us. As stated above, it has been a big opportunity to put KingEclient on the map of world-ranking companies in the technological field again, demonstrating that we are a committed and innovative team, always keeping up with the latest updates of the technological and digital world. Until next year, MWC!

Written by KingEclient

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