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Universitat de Barcelona

New website conceptualization and design
Creation of a new website inspired by the principles of usability, functionality, and simplicity with a visual aspect and improved design that reinforces the brand of the University of Barcelona.
1 What the challenge was
The University of Barcelona aims to promote digitalization and redefine the forms of communication of the institution, optimizing the communication with the internal public and enhancing the capture of new external audiences through a website with simplified navigation that facilitates users' experience and access to the content it offers.
2 What we did
KingEclient studied the university's needs to offer thematic and secondary menus that facilitate user navigation and segment information for target audiences, always promoting collaboration between the institution and society. Moreover, the audiovisual content was prioritized to gain multimedia elements and offer a more functional design.
3 What the result was
The University of Barcelona is now committed to a technological renovation project that applies web design principles and responds to a new information architecture and an optimal user experience. Soon, it is expected to adapt the new design to other university pages, as are each faculty's websites.

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