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Definition of a digital strategy to start selling Repavar in the United Kingdom.
1 What the challenge was
Creation of an strategy to amplify the visibility of Repavar products and to start selling them through Amazon UK.
2 What we did
We identified and studied all of the Repavar products and used the information sources to map the skincare markets in UK. We identificated the customer types in the skincare market and defined a customer journey - and the customer shopping for skincare -. We did an extensive market analysis, studying the main competitors in the market and overviewing the e-commerce channels. We finally identificated the promotional channels to work on the commercialization, growth and positioning strategy for the company. We managed the products within Amazon and worked on the dynamization of advertising and SEO campaigns inside and outside the platform. We also performed communication campaigns to bring traffic to Amazon, as well as influencer campaigns. We supported the reviews within Amazon and monitored the results daily.
3 What the result was
KingEclient helped making Repavar a brand acknowledged in a unknown market, generating sales, optimizing campaigns and generating quality conversion. Repavar is now one of the pharma consulting firms that integrates all digital channels: social media, influencers, content marketing, paid media and Amazon e-commerce.

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