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Creation of a virtual wall to share messages for those affected by COVID-19.
1 What the challenge was
Given the extraordinary situation we are currently experiencing because of COVID-19, we explored how we could support and help all those who are suffering from the virus on the front line with the tools we have at KingEclient.
2 What we did
After studying what the possibilities were, we saw that it was possible to work on a digital campaign that would bring us closer to those who need it most without having to leave home. To this end, we created a virtual wall where messages of support and positive thoughts can be left. In addition, we created the claim #QueSalganLasPalabras (#LetTheWordsComeOut) and encouraged our clients and followers in our social media platforms to participate.
3 What the result was
The result has been to collaborate with Clínica Corachan, one of the most prestigious private clinics in Barcelona, to create a wall of messages and positive thoughts to send to all those people who are fighting against this disease with the purpose of sending our messages of support, full of hope and strength, to those who need it most at this time under the slogan #QueSalganLasPalabras.

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