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Quénet Torrent Institute

Execution of an extensive analysis of 6 countries to define and implement a digital recruitment strategy according to each country’s requirements, and creation of a new corporate website.
1 What the challenge was
Defining opportunities for potential new markets for recruiting new clients through a complete analysis of different countries such as the United Kingdom, Egypt, Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Nigeria.
2 What we did
Studying the sociodemographic, political and cultural characteristics of each country, considering stakeholders and competition, mainly focusing on populations’ habits and digital behaviours. We discovered that Africa has a remarkable niche that Quénet Torrent Institute can exploit, as it would stand out as the reference cancer treatment centre. After that, a digital strategy for Spain, Morocco and Algeria was defined to be implemented during 2018 and 2019.
3 What the result was
We established the digital strategy in Morocco, Algeria and Spain. We performed it through SEO and SEM approaches and created a new website with responsive design. KingEclient continues to perform the fixed digital strategy in these countries and as a result, the recruitment of patients is higher, and the social community of Quénet Torrent Institute is considerably growing.

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