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New Business Mobile App
Business definition from discovery to design to development of a Mobile App aimed at businesses to manage the tenders and procurement relationship with Nupco.
1 What the challenge was
The National Unified Procurement Company, Nupco, had the challenge of launching a mobile solution to satisfy the customers' needs, increase their engagement, and enhance the experience.
2 What we did
A discovery phase took place with Nupco and customer interviews and focus groups on shaping the ideas and primary objectives. The design system was built to deliver the app designs, and a full Agile and Scrum methodology was placed for the development process.
3 What the result was
The mobile app has been launched for Nupco customers with an interactive tendering calendar, a Nupco Service Guide, and a Communication center through a live chat and other functionalities like reporting shortages, connection with other users, notifications, and ratings of tenders. Nupco has access to a full dashboard visualization of real-time analytics and metrics from real customers. The app is targeted to Nupco customers from government health entities and specialized procurement managers; however, this version supports an available guest experience.

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