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Mobile World Capital

Analysis, conceptualization design and development of three websites based on the same framework through Smart Builder.
1 What the challenge was
To perform a digital strategic consultancy for Mobile World Capital that contemplated the analysis from several perspectives: benchmarking, web analytics, SEO, UX, and technical audit. For the project, we used our KEC Smart Builder site-building system that allows managing several independent sites in a unified way and optimizing efforts, both at the level of graphic and content maintenance, as well as code; ensuring optimal scalability, flexibility, and functional richness of WordPress, and safety and standardization. The use of our KEC Smart Builder reduces the hours spent on web construction, saving development and maintenance costs, and enables us to have a centralized ecosystem organized by the same Marketing Department.
2 What we did
The goal was to create a Framework based on WordPress Multisite that would serve to develop all Mobile World Capital's websites within the same environment. Historically, MWC had made several sites with different CMS and different platforms. Based on this concept, the UX/UI and graphic design phase was carried out, designing different content blocks that could be used for any website created within the framework, with the possibility of different graphic adaptation (at the color level) to the various sites of the ecosystem. To make the adjustment more manageable, a functionality was created in the customizer that allows selecting the "skin" that defines the visual layer of each website, and all the components automatically change the color. Once the design was established, the development project of the three sites began: first, Digital Future Society, then Barcelona Digital Talent and lastly, Mobile Week.
3 What the result was
The forecast for this 2020 is to finish the adjustments of the existing components, carry out possible evolutions of potential new components, and develop new sites within the same framework.

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