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IMC Toys

Support for IMC Toys in its digital transformation process through the launch of the new corporate portal and 7 microsites associated with each company’s brand. Each one is in 5 languages in order to reach its entire community and is designed to simplify navigation processes and improve user experience.
1 What the challenge was
Organize digital environments with an overall strategy to unify the image, make it easier for customers to identify the IMC Toys brand, and increase awareness of most important brands.
2 What we did
Redesign corporate style in order to define the representative elements of the brand. Development of 8 portals with a mobile-first focus. Drupal was the selected tool for content management for its versatility and easy adaptation to future brand needs.
3 What the result was
IMC Toys now has a digital presence on its 8 portals, all focused on user experience and available on any device. The sites have innovative features and tools that increase interaction with different target groups.

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