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New corporate website
KingEclient has carried out the design and development of Iberent's new corporate site, a more intuitive and functional website. With a renewed and aspirational design, the new site aims to make the user access the information clearer and precisely. The portal focuses on the optimization of lead capture through diverse contact forms that focus on service and access to information.
1 What the challenge was
The launch of an innovative and precise website that promotes a good user experience in all its channels with the aim of facilitating access to information and optimizing the capture of leads.
2 What we did
Among the website's new features: you can compare the renting with other purchase options or contemplate all the contracts available in the same visit. In less than a minute, the user can consult all the services of Iberent and contact them with a single click.
3 What the result was
Launch of a 100% innovative site with multiple content pages focused on the client managing their content in an agile way and without the need to develop new web functionalities.

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