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New Taxpayer Digital Experience
Creation of a 360º visual and interactive experience with a taxpayer centric approach to optimize the user journey and improve GAZT’s usability and brand perception.
1 What the challenge was
The current digital paradigm demanded GAZT to re-examine the approach in their digital services offering. Our goal was to define a new Digital Taxpayer Journey through an strategic analysis and UX research to conceptualize and establish GAZT’s new digital roadmap, exploring how digital tax services fit in today’s world as any other digital service users consume in their day to day life.
2 What we did
In addition to creating taxpayer personas, journeys, and navigation models, we conducted a competitive analysis, a best practices study, and stakeholder workshops. To define the Digital Roadmap, we performed a usability analysis of the current GAZT portal in search of UX improvements in order to propose actionable recommendations and quick wins to be implemented in SAP.
3 What the result was
With a 360º approach around the users, we defined a new journey for the Taxpayer. As a result, a concept design was developed with the aim of providing a more visual and engaging experience while maintaining a consistent and contemporary brand perception. GAZT is now able to establish itself as a powerful and digital government entity, with fully updated platforms and digital channels to serve Taxpayer needs while ensure meaningful interactions with them.

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