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Positioning and design of corporate website
Design, development and positioning of the new visual and narrative strategy of the public and private areas of Ecovidrio's new corporate website.
1 What the challenge was
Ecovidrio, a non-profit responsible for managing the recycling of all glass packaging in Spain, launched a call to redesign its website, which needed to be updated in order to be more in line with current digital design trends and more accessible to all those to whom it was addressed: citizens, public administrations, and the packaging and hospitality sectors. In addition, it needed to improve its organic positioning on search engines.
2 What we did
At KingEclient we understood that it was not just about a new design; the website needed a new strategy on both a visual and narrative level. So in addition to proposing an illustrated graphic line and dynamic blocks to encourage interaction, we sought a new tone of voice that would be fresher, friendlier, and speak directly to the people and companies the messages are aimed at.
3 What the result was
In addition to the public area, we also developed the private area for public administrations and the packaging and hospitality industries. We help them to stay up to date about issues that may interest them most. In addition, we facilitate all the formalities related to their obligations as member companies, such as the green dot fee. We were also responsible for announcing the launch of the new Ecovidrio website. To do so, we ran a communication strategy on social media and by email. The various phases included a teaser, the launch and a reminder, first to generate brand awareness, and then to publicize the new design of the site and all its features.

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