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Gamification and eLearning Channel
Definition and creation of Club Bayer, a sales service digital channel for HCPs, with the vision to become the shopping channel where customers can find everything from Bayer.
1 What the challenge was
The challenge was to create a new channel to promote interaction and to build loyalty with the pharmacist, offering the best user experience and giving continuous support to all the pharmacy team. The main goal of this project was to place Bayer as an eHealth leader and increasing sales up through a 100% digital solution.
2 What we did
We needed to understand the genuine user's needs before we could define the solution. In order to do so, we conducted interviews with internal and external stakeholders and held focus groups with HCPs (pharmacy owners and staff). We also built a benchmark to assess other competitors' best practices and co-authored sessions with the project's team before doing user testing with real users.
3 What the result was
With a user centered methodology, KingEclient created an omnichannel solution with a digital gamification channel to facilitate the decision making with real-time data. Club Bayer now offers services and exclusive resources for owners and pharmacy staff with 100% integrated functionalities such as reward catalogues, reconognition programs and training content about health and pharmacy business management.

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