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AT Language

Reconceptualization of the AT Language Solutions portal and launch of campaign using a digital strategy focused on Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads and Email Marketing, tailored to the company's reality as a B2B business. Additionally, complete redesign of a website translation app called Website Translator.
1 What the challenge was
To promote AT Language Solutions and to focus the campaign on one of their main products, Website Translator, that makes it possible to translate any website portal and launch it within minutes.
2 What we did
We focused on attracting new users, companies, and people related to the digital world interested in using a fast, highly competitive website translating tool. The tool now offers optimal user experience and carries out the website translation in an intuitive and agile way.
3 What the result was
We designed and created the layout of Website Translator in 4 months. The result was a more usable and intuitive web app (Website Translator) thanks to a redesign that takes into account the real needs of the client. We increased visits to AT Language Solutions by more than 400% during 2017 and obtained an increase of 200k positions in the Alexa Rank global ranking over 6 months.

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