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New corporate e-Commerce
Design and development of Artika's new corporate e-commerce with an innovative and aspirational design that aims to provide the user with a unique and exclusive experience. The portal is totally focused on optimizing the capture of leads through a contact form presented in a very subtle way that focuses on the living works of artists.
1 What the challenge was
To launch an aspirational website that promotes a good user experience in all its channels with the aim of increasing the direct sales and optimizing the capture of leads.
2 What we did
Realization of a benchmark that has helped KingEclient to define the best practices to be used for the creation of Artika's corporate new site. Creation of an attractive and innovative design that was unique and exclusive. Implementation of a development that integrates "wow" effects that improve usability and user experience.
3 What the result was
Launch of a 100% innovative and aspirational site that stands out from what has been seen so far in the publishing sector and makes a difference in the presentation of its products.

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