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New corporate website
Ideation and strategy of the new Agbar's corporate site in which visual impact has been one of the main elements to work with during the project.
1 What the challenge was
The main challenge we had with this project was to tackle the approach of a site in order to give it an identity and visual personality in accordance with the company's values and ambitions. The goal was to make a visual effect on the visitor by designing a striking, fresh, and innovative website that presented the information in a unique way.
2 What we did
We collaborated with Agbar on the strategic aspect and site definition in order to grasp the communication goals that were in place. With this, we visually enhanced the proposal with unique aspects such as vertical sliders, animated backgrounds, and animations of web transversal elements with iconography.
3 What the result was
Agbar's new website serves as an additional medium to communicate its image as a forward-thinking, socially conscious multinational corporation. Thanks to the project and its visual impact, the communication objectives to be conveyed reach the user in a striking and easy way.

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