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Lorena Salagre champions user experience

Posted by KingEclient on 26 October, 2016

The event, held in Barcelona last Thursday and organised by Inbound Emotion with the collaboration of KingEclient, brought together a number of professionals from the world of digital and inbound marketing. Leading experts in the sector came together to share their most successful multichannel marketing strategies.

Luke Summerfield, from Hubspot, roused the audience first thing in the morning with his energetic appeal. He stated that “54% of businesses believe that their website is very important, but only 23% make changes to it when they redesign it” and went on to draw attention to the need to improve user experience, emphasizing that websites are a company’s best marketing tool and its best sales professional.

Lorena Salagre from KingEclient expanded on this theme, demonstrating to participants the key points for improving usability on their websites. If you weren’t able to make it to the event, you can see our video of her presentation.

In addition to improving environments, Daniel Maestro from Roca Salvatella, highlighted the importance of developing as comprehensive knowledge of the target market as possible before drawing up the product or service communication strategy. He also advised participants to bear in mind costs and ROI when setting campaign priorities.

The importance of innovation cannot be overlooked in an event on Inbound strategy, and it was Jordi Esquerigüela who claimed that “Innovation in marketing is what makes us different”. But to innovate one also has to research and so Angel Luís Díez from Estrategias 10 focused on this point, posing the question: do my Spanish customers feel pain in the same way as my international customers?

We need to research and understand ourselves and our context better. Fernando Angulo from Semrush concluded that if one analyses all the competition’s inbound channels, this will help us understand who we are up against and enable us to create a better attack strategy.

Written by Maria Gallego

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