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Little Gestures for Big Missions

Posted by KingEclient on 1 December, 2017

Last Wednesday’s event at the Mobile World Center in Barcelona carried us along a fantastic trip around the world. We enjoyed the photographic exhibition of 30 200 1000. A photographic session that collected all kind of supportive projects during this year 2017. Each school, kindergarten and social centers around the world that benefits from this projects have presented beautiful and happy photos of the children and young students of the centers. In these photos, three conditions were applied:

  • The project must appear.
  • The numbers 30, 200 and 1000 must be shown in the picture.
  • Happiness must be transmitted!


This is the winning photo of the exhibition, from Burkina Faso, for labor insertion workshops for women.


The projects are socially financed by donations that further end up at hands of different NGOs, which are responsible for the different 26 projects around the world. The NGOs work hard to get kids in schools scholar material, or some construction supplies. Whatever is necessary to improve their educational conditions and general welfare.

For instance, this year a grain mill was provided to women in Burkina Faso, and a workshop school was empowered for more than 12.000 inhabitants in Ilha de Mozambique.



Take a look at the project Foundation Real Dreams and be part of this caring initiative like KingEclient has done!

Written by Anna Vicent

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