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KEC keeps on growing and has a new brand identity

Posted by KingEclient on 22 September, 2015

“Hi, my name is King-eClient, but my friends call me KEC. I am 15 years old and I feel stronger than ever. I have grown and learnt a huge amount over these 15 years and now I want others to know how far I have come”.

Brands are like people: they embody a personality and a set of values which need to be represented graphically. From time to time brands need to move on and adapt to their environment, whilst losing none of their essence.

On the occasion of our 15th birthday we thought that it was time to rise to the challenge of renewing our image. Why? Because we thought that we needed a new image to give a fresh face to our young and passionate team, an image we could continue to imbue with new meanings and which would help us to forge ahead and break new ground.



This is the new KEC: the same at heart, full of vitality and eager for new challenges.



King-eClient is now KEC

The main break with the previous image is the name: KEC is already used extensively by our customers and is direct as well as easy to say and remember.

The new strategy has three main elements:

  • Our mission to guide and help our customers to achieve their objectives through the use of online experience and innovation.
  • Our desire to continue developing with each project, never forgetting key values such as innovation, high-quality results, our global approach, and the need to keep customers at the centre at all times.
  • Our personality: positive thinking, proactivity and passion.

The new brand image

As with any brand renewal, KEC needed a new brand image. The design team worked hard to define a new personality and to represent it with colours and a symbol. The main elements of this identity are: guide, online, usability and user experience and they are represented by a dynamic linear symbol which reflects the personality and the values of the brand.



In turn, the sans-serif font EXO, with its characteristic geometric form gives the brand a technological feel.



The range of colours has also been increased: Blue is now the main KEC colour and violet the secondary one. A further pallet of secondary colours is available for other specific uses.



The aim of the new visual identity is to be modern, dynamic, and recognizable, possessed of a clearly defined brand language.



New slogan for a new phase

Finally, we have created a new tagline, “Guiding your goals”, which replaces the previous “Challenging results”. This slogan sums up our value proposition, our mission to guide our customers and to help them to achieve their goals.



The KEC brand is what stands up for us; now it is our turn to stand up for the brand.

Written by Arantza Montero

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