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KEC at the Mobile World Congress

Posted by KingEclient on 3 March, 2016

Last week we were lucky enough to take part in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year there were some 100,000 visitors to the congress, well exceeding previous records.

We were able to welcome existing customers to our stand as well as getting to know many other companies interested in our range of services and solutions.

This year our aim was to highlight the concept of Mobile User Experience (MUX) and this was reflected in the displays on our stand and in the competition we organized and encouraged visitors to participate in.



We gave interested visitors the opportunity to take five minutes out to stop and exchange ideas and experiences with us. We were able to meet and talk to people from 50 companies from a number of different places around the globe: Korea, Japan, United States, Russia, India, Germany, England, and, of course, Spain.

All of them agreed on the importance of offering customers simple, intuitive, interactive interfaces.

Most of our conversations were with developers who were interested in establishing partnerships with KEC and receiving our help in improving user experience. We also had the chance to talk to companies who offered us valuable tools for design, layout, monitoring of metrics and data visualization.

And of course we had the pleasure of seeing many of our existing customers who stopped by to say hello and to exchange impressions about the congress with us.


Mobile User Experience

We took advantage of the congress to run a competition to find out which elements of user experience were most highly rated by end users. We called it the “Mobile User Experience Champions League” and the ranking can be seen below:



The conclusions of the competition, which received coverage in such diverse media as Mundo FinancieroEcommerce-News and TecnoNews, can be consulted here,


Very comprehensive Mobile World Congress

We were also able to attend a number of presentations during the congress from which we were able to draw two main conclusions:

  • In the coming years we will see virtual reality, wearables and 5G becoming the key features in the mobile sector; the telephone in itself will no longer be the focal point but simply the means to access communication and entertainment.
  • User experience will continue to be a must in the design of mobile devices as well as in complementary solutions. The implementation of 5G will make it possible to create functionalities and promote mobile experience which will bring us closer to virtual reality and, who knows, even to managing emotions.

Taking part in the congress was a great opportunity to meet experts in mobility from throughout the world and it gave us the chance to demonstrate our range of services and expert knowledge to a wide range of interested companies. We also learnt a great deal about other companies’ services and solutions and, most importantly, we were able to put KEC on the map of world-ranking companies in the sector.



We would like to express our thanks to Acció who made it possible to use one of the stands subsidised by the Generalitat de Catalunya. We have already started thinking of new ideas we can share in MWC17. See you there!!!!

Written by José Luis Infiesta

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