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Innovation is in our DNA

Posted by KingEclient on 30 October, 2017

Today we had the pleasure to attend one of the new sessions of our Innovation team in KingEclient.

Our monthly meetings in the office will bring us updated tips and tools that our teams – and for all kind of roles in the teams – can use to work even more efficiently. This Friday we have been analyzing tools for a better efficiency of marketing and usability analytical work, together with new ways to perform a more agile web and app testing.

The best alternatives for Big Data management, combined with the correspondent Data Visualization tools have been proposed. We have also been sharing new functionalities for content importations, that have a more intuitive design and a better platform usability.

All the ideas suggested today, and the future concepts that will be introduced in the following sessions will help the optimization of all our work, for all KingEclient’s employees, and will add value to all the multiple services offered to the clients directly. We will keep you updated!

Written by Anna Vicent

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