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How we use technology to collect information

Posted by KingEclient on 29 April, 2016

At the recent innovation breakfasts hosted by KEC, we had the good fortune to welcome the Marketing Director of Beabloo, Pep Duran, and the Business Analytics Director of the same company, Ernesto Bernadó. Together with our customers in Madrid, Barcelona and Andorra we learnt about the major benefits that technology can bring to points of sale. In the interview below they share their insights with us.

Pep, a marketing expert, and Ernesto, who loves to measure anything that moves, made the point that Beabloo came into being in order to bridge the gap between the on and offline worlds. “In the online world we are constantly analyzing how e-commerce and stores are working. We use a host of tools to understand, measure and optimize any change or strategy” says Pep. What we do at Beabloo is to “use technology to apply concepts and metrics  from the online world to measure advertising efficiency and marketing campaigns in the offline world, that is to say in the outlets visited by the public” adds Ernesto.

But how does Beabloo technology impact on user experience at the point of sale?

Pep: Customers are not generally conscious of the technology being used, but their experience is improved and their needs better met when it is applied. This leads, in turn, to better business results. The technology used by Beabloo makes it possible to understand user behaviour, and even create demographic profiles which can help us fit our products and outlet layout to their priorities and preferences.

In order to find ways of improving point of sales operations we respond to a range of different questions:  What routes do shoppers take? Which are the areas that everybody goes to? Where are the bottlenecks? Which areas tend to be neglected by staff and when does this tend to happen? All this can help improve customer experience and therefore the results of the business. Working with historic data we can also predict traffic and take into account factors such as seasonality, the day of the week and other variables such as the weather.

In what type of business can this technology make the most impact?

Pep: We work with a number of industries such as the retail, fashion, banking, and insurance industries, and our technology can be adapted to each of these. The idea is to give customers the best possible experience in the outlet by understanding what they are looking for, what they need, and what will meet their needs.  At Beabloo we provide the widest range of sectors with the technological tools they need to achieve their business objectives.

Ernesto: Beabloo technology can be applied to any kind of business. It involves making objective measurements of changes in layout and the impact of marketing campaigns at each point of sale. Ultimately, its aim is to improve company results by increasing revenue and reducing costs; in both of those two areas improvements can be made to optimize marketing and operations resources. It is essential to monitor the impact of the most critical KPI’s on the final results. Every industry has different applications and uses technology in its own way.

How do you convince customers that their privacy will not be invaded?

Pep: We only use aggregate information. We don’t collect data on any individual user or customer. What we are looking for are general patterns of behaviour rather than specific details. In addition, we comply fully with all the current privacy legislation. The company’s commitment to matters of data security is demonstrated by our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

You use intelligent screens, apps, beacons and WiFi. What must an app have to ensure that the person who downloads it doesn’t uninstall it a couple of days later?

Ernesto: An app must give value to the user in both the short and the long term.  And there has to be a balance between the value to the user and the value to the company. For example, a resort app which tells you all about events, restaurant table availability and resort services may be useful to customers during their holidays and it may also help the resort to improve services, provide better experiences and obtain information about what consumers are consuming and looking for; if, however, the resort wants the customer to continue using the app after the holiday, it must provide other types of value, such as loyalty schemes, booking services, etc.

After joining forces with Brightstar at the Mobile World Congress, do you see your business continuing to analyse participant behaviour at this type of event?

Ernesto: We can offer events’ organizers a really useful service which helps them to understand visitor behaviour: how they move around, “hot” points and transit areas, points people return to, related activities and places. This is really useful information which provides great added value to organizers and participants alike.

Pep: MWC wants to discover better ways of selling its exhibition space to companies interested in taking part in future events. If they have data to support their line of argument and to find out more about their participants, it makes their job much easier. The GSMA really appreciated our technology and we have reached an agreement to be present in any events they organize, in order to help them to understand visitor movement and behaviour.

What technology are you currently working on to increase your range of services?

Ernesto: At Beabloo we aim to offer solutions which are best suited to each industry, so that the information provided is as rich and comprehensive as possible. What fast fashion needs is not the same as what a restaurant chain or a bank might want. We are also working on omnichannel solutions in order to link online and offline user experience, both from a marketing and communication point of view and from a business analytics point of view. And it should be remembered we not only provide solutions for large companies but also for small and medium size companies.

Written by María Gallego

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