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How to be the best workshop conductor?

Posted by KingEclient on 21 December, 2017

Do you know how can you conduct the perfect workshop? Here are 5 simple tips to make it a great success, making your participants actively take part in it and getting the results desired from you and from their side.

  1. A triumphal arrival. Impact your audience from your introduction. Present a problem or enigma related to the subject in the matter and illustrated with daily examples. It’s there when you catch your audience’s attention. Put them on the scene, they are now ready to start.
  2. Watch the clock. A workshop should have a limited duration. This timing must take into account all phases of the session, so even your presentation should inform of the timings of each phase. From the time in which participants are going to develop a concrete activity in the workshop to the coffee pause or the final discussion, timing must be taken into account and well computed.
  3. Which audience are you directing to? Consider it in the previous planning of the session. This step is crucial. One of the objectives of a workshop is to make everyone participate and interacts with them and with you. The proposed activities should lead to an exchange of ideas among your audience. There must exist a time for this audience connection taken into account in the timing mentioned before.
  4. Are your participants from different countries? It must be taken into account that if you are an international firm like KingEclient, the cultural differences among the firm’s culture and the participant’s culture should be taken into account. The workshops are adapted to each kind of client and participant on this matter and the language, content, and theme are adapted.
  5. Perform a great closure. The most important phase: the reason why your participants have come to do the workshop with you. To solve the problem that was primarily presented is their final objective. The workshop facilitator or speaker should have great synthesis and conclusion abilities to make a perfect closure in the final phase.

Written by Anna Vicent

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