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How Team Building enhances the Employee Experience

Posted by KingEclient on 29 September, 2021

Employees, the most critical asset

Peter Druker, Austrian lawyer and scholar, was considered the most influential author on business management in the 20th century. It was he who, in the mid-1950s – the Industrial Revolution, when companies felt that cheaper and more efficient automated machines should eliminate employees – began to envision and convey the value of workers in companies.

Drucker began to refer to companies as human communities and workers as essential assets to be valued and respected. People-centered productivity is now a reality, and many companies have managed to approach their growth from this new perspective, thus enhancing their talent, creativity, and motivation. History has taught us that it is essential to improve the experience of a company’s most valuable asset: its people.


What Team Building aims to achieve

Thanks to this new paradigm, people began to talk about the importance of forming work teams under the necessary conditions to generate an optimal environment beneficial to the company. This gave rise to Team Building, which is about organizing activities to promote teamwork, good atmosphere, and cohesion among team members, with the primary objective of improving coordination among all members and the relationship with the company.

Many studies show that team building in a company helps to improve the relationship between colleagues, which increases productivity. In addition, it helps to create a company brand culture that benefits current talent and potential future talent in a company.


Benefits of Team Building

Team Building activities can be very varied, from competitive – healthy competition, of course – to non-competitive – very effective in achieving team goals and improvements -. Some of the benefits are the following:


  • Stimulation of trust and fellowship

For companies, it is necessary to create bonds between the people who work together to generate a good working environment. Creating a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace has many benefits for the company and the employees themselves. If employees feel that they can achieve their goals by working together and coordinating, team spirit is strengthened, and self-confidence increases as well.


  • Improved teamwork

Teamwork is the key to a company’s success and the cornerstone for its survival over time.

When working as a team, the efforts of each member of the group are enhanced, thus reducing execution time and increasing the efficiency of results. This way of working, besides being the most productive, fosters an optimal and enviable work environment.


  • Encouragement of a positive attitude

The attitude with which we face the different events that surround us is fundamental. A positive attitude allows employees to feel happier in their lives and, consequently, in their work. Thus, they become more motivated and therefore more productive employees.

Therefore, it is also vital for employees to discover that by stepping out of their comfort zone, they can also achieve their goals, and facing different activities such as these can help them realize this.


  • Better communication

The importance of communication to achieve common goals is more than evident. The direct relationship between communication, organization and good results is essential, so we must transfer this learning to all team members as a company.

Proper communication at work avoids misunderstandings and allows all team members to work cohesively towards a common goal.


In short, Team Building manages to improve the company’s image in employees’ eyes, offering them attractive recreational activities outside the company environment, something that considerably improves their experience as employees. In addition, the contact and close collaboration in the activities reduce work stress and conflicts among the participants, thus increasing the commitment among them and, of course, to the company.


Let’s be clear: engaged workers work more efficiently, produce better results, and are happier in the workplace.


What Team Building means to us

At KingEclient, we take team building very seriously. We prioritize finding opportunities to get to know each other better, mainly since our team is spread across different locations – Barcelona, Madrid, and Riyadh. Without a doubt, having physical contact with fun activities has helped us generate much more loyalty and motivation among our employees.

At the end of the day, we all depend on each other, so it is essential that we lay the foundation to help build good relationships between employees as a company. That’s why every year, we hold at least two fun activities – usually a summer activity and a Christmas activity – to bring all our teams together in one place to create new bonds and promote leadership and problem-solving skills.

This last week we carried out the summer activity 2021, which consisted of a pirate gymkhana through the port of Barcelona with various team activities that promoted fellowship and communication. In the end, the whole team met at a restaurant by the sea to enjoy an outdoor meal.

When we asked for feedback after the event, our employees had very wonderful things to say, especially after such a peculiar and remote year:


“Doing activities like this encourages communication between people from different teams; it’s a good way to meet people and not limit yourself to being with the closest colleagues.”

“For me, it’s crucial to get to know the people I work with. When you meet them in person, it changes the reality of the environment.”

“As someone said while playing in the gymkhana: “I know someone better playing with him/her for an hour than talking for a year.” It was good indeed!”

“I think this kind of Team Building activities are always good to create bonds within a company and especially this year because for those of us who come from working at home, being able to meet colleagues in person is great!”


These happy faces (even with the mask) say it all – and that’s what should matter to us as a company!

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