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Expectations for this 2018 by our CEO Javier Aguilar

Posted by KingEclient on 3 January, 2018

This 2018 introduces itself as a highly interesting year for all digital professionals and enthusiasts.

Leaders of the main sectors perfectly understand that this is not a matter of technology or marketing, but a matter of authentic strategic commitments that, if they want to be properly driven successfully, they have to be molded at a cross-level in the organization.

That is why this year 2018 the big corporations’ leaders should make high efforts in internal communication, training, and adaptation of the internal processes, with the aim to achieve coherent organizations, with the value proposals that the new markets are conducting us to.

The digital consolidation of the known GAFAMs and BAT in the current digital consumer’s minds, and the entrance of these players in other sectors, that have enjoyed of a pleasant stability from years, suggests us that the status quo, together with the rules of the game are changing.

“The market promises to be more competitive at a time”

Some areas that will keep being of interest this 2018 that are worth to be mentioned:

We will still enjoy the boost of cryptocurrencies, the appearance of new players and the loss of lots of others. There is no doubt that this market will still be very interesting volatile and at the same time. We will have to analyze very carefully the positioning of every player inside the value chain. For the Bitcoin, 2018 is presented as a decisive year for it to prove to the market that it can strengthen its growing community in order to set as an alternative system above the current monetary system.

Blockchain: new applications and business models based on this technology will emerge. It will diversify into sectors like banking, insurance, energy, and health. The implementation of Blockchain at a business level will keep on shaping the more efficient, secure and efficient processes. Conversely, we have a range of challenges to deal with. The transparency in transactions that the clients require is an example of it. This is seen mostly in banks. Nowadays, banks perform as warrantors before users in case of operations that are wrong or not executed at all. They are the ones assuming responsibilities in case of conflicts. In fact, the World Economic Forum positioned in favour of this matter last August.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Data will be the fundamental pillar from where we will hold all our business models. AI will be a crucial tool to offer intelligent products and services. Our clients seek for a superb user experience, so firm’s we have to offer predictive models that allow us to go ‘one step further’. However, although they own a huge potential, its application is still minor and limited to trials and pilot tests.

Virtual Reality: the different versions of digital realities (VR, MR, and AR) will play an interesting role in the user experience that we offer to our clients, helping to combine the physical world into the digital. We will see immersive experiences of Virtual Reality (VR) strongly focused on leisure and entertainment. Meanwhile, in the professional field, we are going to work with Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) as some means to offer a better user experience.

Robotics: with any doubt, and in a very close future, robots will participate in the value chain of companies. From the hotel reception to the tracking of customer’s feedback, even in the banking operations. This last will be one of the sectors in which we will have news this year, for sure. Maybe in the short term, these steps will have large connotations of marketing, but we visualize the most interesting opportunities in the medium term.

One more time, in KingEclient we will enjoy a bright year that will be filled with challenges. Big companies sometimes require highly qualified professionals to guide them in the design and execution of these processes of digital transformation, at the same time that they act as warrantors of the best user experience for their clients.

The market promises to be at time more competitive, so I hope you have charged your batteries these Christmas holidays to start a new period full of energy to give the best of you.

Written by Javier Aguilar


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