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Design Thinking is a problem solver

Posted by KingEclient on 27 December, 2017

Have you ever been in a 4-hour meeting from which you could not extract any final conclusions? Do you know someone on your team that never participates in the discussions? Workshops, and in concrete Design Thinking sessions are a tool that create a very healthy group dynamic.

KingEclient is committed to continuous learning and innovation and has trained its personnel in Design Thinking. We would like to share our insights with you all!

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking refers to creative and collaborative strategic processes that help to resolve issues inside and outside the design practice. Using elements like empathy and experimentation, it aims to come up with innovative and feasible solutions.

Several schools of thought have evolved from Design Thinking, each focusing the process on a particular technique. In particular, Manual Thinking revolves around the idea of reducing the verbal interaction and focusing on a more “manual” approach making participants interact by writing.

Experience with The WorkShop

The WorkShop is a firm driven by a passion to create technological and innovative solutions for their clients and partners. The Workshop consultants have transformed the tools that Manual Thinking provide, delivering a method to face the digital transformation in the implementation of digital and data-driven cultures in organizations.

Together, The Workshop and KingEclient planned an initial theme-free session of three hours. The consensus on the topic was conducted from an exploratory work and to further implement a democratical evaluation. The result leads the participants to the following subject: ‘Finding methods to create shared objectives’.

Design Thinking session with The Workshop using Manual Thinking


Democratizing Change

In digital consulting, complex projects impact client on a technical and cultural level. King Eclient understands the challenge that this entails and is able to support the cultural changes through tools such as Manual Thinking.

Both, The Workshop and KingEclient, include Manual Thinking workshops in their service portfolio. The objective is to offer the client added value to their projects, with the objective to find better solutions to the client’s problems in less time.

Efficiency in meetings and a more horizontal structure are the key outputs of these sessions. KingEclient’s mission is to help the client to understand how to apply these theories and give them the tools for them to be internalized.

Summarizing, Manual Thinking is an efficient and effective way to:

  • Deal with change
  • Democratize decision making
  • Tackle challenging issues that may arise when launching a new project
  • Drive any creative process that involves several stakeholders


Case Study

A Manual Thinking workshop was recently delivered by KingEclient to one of our clients. The workshop was aimed to give a solution to a potential problem regarding the implementation of a UX Research process.

Our client had a ‘scrum’ context in software developments. KingEclient prepared a workshop to help the client manage the change derived from the process implementation. From the 90-minutes session, we identified the following aspects:

  • Stakeholders
  • Ideal Scenario
  • Critical points or Stoppers
  • Solutions’ Proposal

Thanks to stakeholder participation, the decision-making process was quick and efficient. Manual Thinking proved to be an effective way to accurately come up with solutions fully aligned with the client’s needs.

Design Thinking sessions made by KingEclient.


If you want to give the best services to your clients, learn how to be the best workshop conductor, and more than anything, learn how to perform the best design thinking sessions to get the best results!

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