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Back to Marketing Basics

Posted by KingEclient on 17 October, 2017

Big data, artificial intelligence, programmatic marketing and commerce, virtual reality… These terms have given a big step entering the industry in the latest years.

Marketing has found a lot of applications and the potential of the new technologies to change the marketing world. The need to be a step forward has sometimes brought us to an unjustified use of buzzwords in some occasions.

Like in all phases of life, sometimes we have to look back to move forward. That is why we want to make a throwback into ‘vintage’ marketing strategies.

Throwback to move forward

Are we marketers driven by fashion? Definitely not. But we cannot launch in the venture of every single new trend that appears in the digital industry. Keeping up to date is essential, but the prioritization of trends is one of the primary steps to take into account in your organization.

Let’s consider one of the latest trends in marketing like programmatic marketing and commerce. The possibilities are infinite! The opportunity to automatize and display advertising material in real time and to the optimal user is the objective of every strategy formulated. The mistake would be to consider it the goal, when programmatic advertising should be seen as a mean.

On the other hand, influencer marketing would be another marketing tactic that is regarded as very tricky. Influencer marketing is not only about reaching to a large number of viewers. Influencers need to have something real to say. Their storytelling must be consistent and add value to the debate. The user experience on the story of the influencer has to be natural and to reach the appropriate audience. Even if Kim Kardashian has 103 million followers, she probably isn’t the appropriate influencer for your product.

A believable, creative and meaningful story must always be behind a product. The use of branded content can’t be empty, and this content must be ‘bi’ or ‘multidirectional’.

Toni Segarra, a Spanish marketing strategist and advertising expert, stated: “I think confusion is normality. What we have to do today is to accept that we live confused in a world of complexity. We live in a period of extremes”.

Going back to the roots of advertising is the only way to keep the essence of marketing in the complex technological and fast developing background we are in, and creativity is the guiding thread in a transformation to assume that we, as marketers, face hyperconnected consumers.

Written by Anna Vicent

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