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A way to travel before really going

Posted by KingEclient on 10 October, 2017

The decision of booking a holiday is not as easy as it may seem. And it is a big decision to take, because of the high consideration purchase it is. The consumer investigates through sites, and sometimes appear to be visiting complicated travel websites.

The continuous dynamization of social media platforms is very important for the user to get constant information about the country and place they will possibly visit further. Get high expectations is the clue to it, and as we have seen in Tourism in Austria campaign, attractive content of all topics – gastronomic, cultural, or about nature-, of course together with Ads and SEO, are the key to send the right message about the country to users and boost the profile sites.

According to Fatema Handani, mobile engagement expert from Syniverse, “Travel is all about aspirations, and those aspirations can be tracked by behavioural data”. Brands are tending to embrace a truly omnichannel approach to marketing. The use of digital wallets and virtual reality, are an example of it. This gets us to achieve a consumer-centred approach to marketing.

How to travel before going? UX is key

Here’s a fact: the average sector abandonment rate is at 81%.

This means 81 out of 100 visitors on a site tend to abandon in travel webpages. This is a big number!

That is why the industry has been improving more and more in their marketing campaigns as well that in the user experience of the consumer during this decision-making process.

We have made a selection of platforms that can be used to perform a perfect marketing campaign that offers the most original and most effective user experiences to visitors.

The Swedish Number was a universal number created for people all over the world to call in order that any Swede in Sweden could answer and have a conversation. An unique initiative to make people all over the world interested in the country worldwide.



As the good marketing experts we are, we know for certain that people’s attention is lost after 1 minute of attention. This is why video has found other ways to be more creative and interactive in the touristic sector as well. This example of the Visit Denmark campaign is the way-to-go in marketing campaigns of this type. The interactive video allows you to select which kind of activities you prefer to do in Copenhagen, and it is a very attractive way to stimulate the user and to make him or her a part of the experience. Play it!

Interactive videos are on the raise and there are very simple ways to make one of this videos, for example via Wirewax.

Video content must be concise and direct, and show the proper content, attractive and with an appealing message. A very good example of this is Berlin’s guide by Videopath. This platform is easy to use and let us add content in a time-bar that ease an interactive navigation, which is very useful to add place to explore in a city like Berlin.

Augmented reality is of course taking a part of this travel revolution. And airlines like Lufthansa aren’t losing any opportunity to offer amazing experiencies to their costumer’s like these ones.



And any website in the touristic sector can be missed. Take a look at the best travelling sites from the winners of the Webby Awards:

Written by Anna Vicent

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