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4 UX emerging trends of 2017

Posted by KingEclient on 24 October, 2017

Some bold UX moves have been established in this frenetic year. The UX industry has been heading from time-saving design to smarter personalization, metrics measuring life-impact, niche areas of specialization, and UX as a management practice.

1. Time is all we have

Do not waste user’s time. To not do so, we use a time-saving design. As it was said in the book ‘Don’t make me think’ about usability and common sense in the web development:

‘Much of our web use is motivated by the desire to save time. As a result, web users tend to act like sharks. They have to keep moving or they’ll die’ – Steve Krug.

A user tends to drop a webpage within an average of 1 minute. Generating interest and providing the information a visitor is looking for in 59 is crucial. Intuitive UX saves time to users, and we have seen this more and more with increasing technologies like AI, that uses chatboxes for automatically generated answers to users.

2. Personalize, in a better way

Customization, and mostly in the era of big data, must be always present in the experience we offer to the user. This user’s personalization is starting to be used in a smarter way. Facebook News and Ads suggestions are more and more accurate over time. Personalized content will make your platform interact with your user, and engage him or her with the content you offer.

3. More than Metrics

The predictions say that we will find metrics that go beyond the interface. As users become more digital, the experience we get in analyzing bounces rates, and clicks and movements throughout a webpage with eye-tracking and heat maps for webpages and apps, businesses are starting to track their metrics based on real engagement impacts, such as the positive contribution to customer’s life.

4. UX roles in the organization

Although UX teams have always been quite broad, they are going to become broader but specialization is going to take a big part of this transformation. Companies are going to diminish the search for job positions called ‘UX/UI designer’ to start seeking specialized talent in the sector. VR, AI, and sector-oriented experts are going to be in research. Moreover, UX is increasingly going to become a managing position in the firm.

Written by Anna Vicent

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