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10 trends in consumer behaviour for 2016 (part one)

Posted by KingEclient on 18 February, 2016
As 2016 kicks off, KEC is all set to help you get closer than ever to your customers. And if you are still amazed by the speed of change in the mobile world, hold on tight!

So what’s changed?

In the last couple of years, the cloud has gone from being just an idea to being the epicentre of the digital revolution.
The mobile environment has become a key element in any purchasing decision and this has transformed the way we relate to brands.
We are now going to see how micro-moments will force us to analyse use and waiting time at points of contact, both in the physical and in the digital world.

10 key trends for 2016

Technology only advances when it is being used and we have seen how some of our most deeply rooted behaviour and habits have also changed in the process.
This is why at KEC we have created this two-part review of the 10 most important trends in consumer behaviour for 2016 and some ideas on how to respond to them.
Part 1
  • The end of waiting
  • Power to the women
  • Instant help
  • Retail (R)evolution
Part 2
  • Digital goes human
  • Control freaks
  • Bleisure
  • Koodies
  • Imperfect families
  • Pet friendly

1. The end of waiting

Waiting is a thing of the past. We expect everything to be possible with just one click, we are more impatient, and we expect to find an instant response to everything we want to know. Any problem has us reaching for the closest online device.
There are two different ways of dealing with the wait.
  • “Kill it”, simply by eliminating the wait
  • “Fill it” with content and experiences

2. Power to the women

The world of communication has been far too tolerant of macho attitudes.
Fortunately, this is changing radically:
  • Some emerging brands such as GoldieBlox and Aerie have a deep commitment to the role of women, and have placed it at the heart of their business mission.
  • Large companies such as Disney (Brave, Frozen, Star Wars) and Barbie have also taken a stand in favour of change – almost by force – and have changed their way of communicating and even their core values.
  • Femvertising is now firmly established as an advertising genre, as in the superb ad by Droga5 for Under Armour starring Giselle Bündchen.

3. Instant help

As the sharing economy gains pace, we are losing our fear.
Any individual with the time and inclination can be a mentor, and as a result, we are looking for easy solutions for everything. This implies we need to:
  • Offer interesting content, and coach the user.
  • Link our users so they feel they are being useful and learn to trust the stranger.

4. Retail (R)evolution

The purchasing decision in mobile environments is increasingly complex and has an impact on traditional channels.
In the coming years, the key will be to get the very most out of every moment with non-invasive interventions which respect users’ privacy:
  • Mobile functionalities with Beacon technology to increase efficiency and use of physical space.
  • Commitment to the “phygital”, which involves placing digital tools at point of sale to assist in the purchasing process.
  • To get right up to date with the latest developments, follow the more than 70 experts from Westfield Labs who are researching the future of retail.
In order to run appropriate communication and marketing strategies it is absolutely essential to understand changing trends in consumer behaviour.
We could look the other way, or just not look, or pretend things are not changing, but that is not KEC’s style, not at all.
Written by Carles Civit
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