Social Media Dynamisation, Tourism in Austria

Facebook dynamisation in the 2015, 2016 y 2017 campaigns "Discover Austria".
Brief description

Content creation, social media assistance, post promotion and use of Facebook Ads for the captation of web traffic, increasing of interactions and fans community boost. 

Important Details
avarage of people impacted per post
Social Media dynamisation
new fans from the beginning of 2015 campaign


Tourism Austria required a partner like KingEclient in 2015 for the maintainance and boost of their Facebook community "Trips to Austria", given the campaign of summer tourism 'Discover Austria', that aimed the caption of new visitors to the Austrian country. The primary objective was to engage and increase the followers to the Facebook page and to direct traffic to the website. These objectives were achieved throught the creation of quality and relevant content, according to the interests of the site's followers, together with a strategy of promotion in Facebook Ads, that gave visibility to the site. 


The strategy required a monthly content plan, with relevant topics for the users. These contents were complemented with the support of the creative team, with the objective of adapting the graphical line of the brand to Facebook and to create an attractive message, inviting the user to visit the country and to interact with the site. 

The continuous results' metrics and monitarization of results is been made by the content and social analytics of the company, presenting monthly reports.

The attractive contents related with tourism -all cultural, gastronomic, nature and winter related- were the key to success that has driven an increase of more than 15.000 fans in the community in only two years.

Contact phone
BCN: +34 932 724 890
MAD: +34 917 702 700
BRU: +32 2/403 36 89
EAU: +971 4 319 9100
KSA: +966 11 297 8243
AND: +376 72 88 98
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