Skills Panorama, CEDEFOP (European Center for the Development of Vocational Training)

Brief description

Development of the new portal EU Skills Panorama of the European Agency - CEDEFOP

Important Details
Data Visualization
EU official languages
Search Engine Optimization

Skills Panorama

KEC is the reliable company of User Experience and it is working very hard in several initiatives:

  •  A significant improvement in the usability and attractiveness from the past website.
    • Presentation of the wealth of data stores in the EUSP in a dynamic and unified way, with a clear structure
    • A user-friendly visualization of the data and finding, reaching out and engaging the target audience
    • An attractive visual and graphic display, doing justice to the rich set of indicators and statistical information presently contained
    • The ability to manipulate data and indicators in accordance with individual preferences
  •  Alignment with latest technology trends in the field of open data, big data, social technology and cloud computing, among others
  •  Multilingual capabilities of the new platform, supporting at least 24 EU official languages.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), optimizing the website to be search-engine friendly.

Skills Panorama



Contact phone
BCN: +34 932 724 890
MAD: +34 917 702 700
BRU: +32 2/403 36 89
EAU: +971 4 319 9100
KSA: +966 11 297 8243
AND: +376 72 88 98
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