Reconceptualization, design and launching of Website Translator, AT Language

B2B - Campaign design and launching strategy of the app Website Translator focalizado en empresas del mercado digital
Brief description

Redesign of the app Website Translator and launching campaign through an attracting strategy focused basically on Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads and Email Marketing, focused on companies from the digital world (B2B). This redesign has been brought together with a reconceptualization of the portal site of  AT Language Solutions providing this way a coherence among all environments.


Important Details
increase in the visits to the portal during 2017
easy implementation through a single script in the code of the portal 
minutes maximum for the translating and posting of any website


  • To advertise AT Language Solutions focusing all the campaign in one of their main products, Website Translator, that allows translating any website portal and launch it through a process of only a few minutes. 
  • Focusing the strategy of the attraction of new users, companies, and positions related to the digital world that may be interested in a fast website translating tool with a very competitive cost inside the market.
  • To make the user enjoy an optimal user experience inside the tool, that permits the user to perform the translation of their web portal in an intuitive and agile way.
  • To make Website Translator a popular translating solution inside the international market. 


The achieved objectives of this project have been: 

  • Increasing the visits in more than a 400% during the year 2017 in the portal AT Language Solutions.
  • Design and layout of Website Translator in 4 months.
  • An increase of 200k positions in the global ranking of Alexa Rank in the last 6 months. 
  • A web app (Website Translator) more usable and intuitive to the user, thanks to a redesign that takes into account the real needs of the client. 


Contact phone
BCN: +34 932 724 890
MAD: +34 917 702 700
BRU: +32 2/403 36 89
EAU: +971 4 319 9100
KSA: +966 11 297 8243
AND: +376 72 88 98
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