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New website.
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Conceptualization, design, layout, SEO, and maintenance of new website.

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It is not so easy to be responsible for waste recycling throughout Spain and nor is it easy to create a website which provides information to citizens as well as to those who use it in their daily work.

In addition, ECOEMBES needed a website to highlight sustainability and the way recycling impacts positively on the environment. 


It was time to recycle the old ECOEMBES website and to design a site which was in line with new online trends.

With the support of our experts in usability, design and development the company responsible for recycling packaging in Spain now has a completely new, modern website which meets the needs of all users.

In addition, with content being updated every day, the information is useful and up to the minute, and will arouse the interest of all those most involved in recycling. The SEO has increased significantly and there are many more repeat users who use the website to answer their queries. 

Contact phone
BCN: +34 932 724 890
MAD: +34 917 702 700
BRU: +32 2/403 36 89
EAU: +971 4 319 9100
KSA: +966 11 297 8243
AND: +376 72 88 98
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