Commercial and Corporative site reconceptualization, Andorra Telecom

Web design and development
Brief description

Conceptualization, design and development in Liferay 7.0 version of commercial and corporative Andorra Telecom sites. 


Important Details
SCRUM agile development methodology
of web visits with respect to the previous period
10% increase of mobile traffic 


Andorra Telecom relied on KingEclient for the creation of two modern, interactive and quality websites

The main objectives consisted of generating an easy and usable environment for users that was adaptable to mobile devices. Moreover, we aimed to work in an agile and autonomous method in the management of content and to convert the webpage into a communication channel to perform operations between the client and Andorra Telecom. 

A digital strategy was defined. This one allowed to achieve growth objectives in the short, medium and long run, that reformulates the digital transformation of the internal processes of the company. 

To ensure a correct implementation of the two websites, a governance plan that assured their posterior maintenance. 


  • Two portals with a fare more appropriate to the image from the current designing lines and the needs of the clients. 
  • Adaptation to the current client, ready to operate from any place at any time. 
  • More operativity in the Customer Area (pendant bills payment, product hiring - first stage-, cancelation of pendant orders, more interactive consumptions, etc.).
  • User-oriented contents. 
  • New corporative portal to spread Andorra Telecom's activity in Andorra and around the world.
  • Flexible Back-Office, easy to use for non-technical users. 
  • Shortcodes system in the content management. 
  • Correct migration of SEO not to lose past positioning. 
Contact phone
BCN: +34 932 724 890
MAD: +34 917 702 700
BRU: +32 2/403 36 89
EAU: +971 4 319 9100
KSA: +966 11 297 8243
AND: +376 72 88 98
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