Oops! LinkedIn dit it again!

18 Jul, 2018

LinkedIn killed the CV as a piece of paper and now it is decided to stop our business cards collection. At the end of June, the social network introduced LinkedIn QR codes in its Android and iOs apps as a simple way to connect people on events, conferences and meetings.

It is an easy way to stay in touch easily and start a professional relationship. It’s amazing for those who often forget to bring their business cards!

It is simply to use, just open the LinkedIn app on your phone and tap on the QR code icon (right hand of the home tab) to create your own “business card” or scan others. You can also download and add to your gallery.

You can use this code on your CV. Place the QR code with instructions to “scan to view my LinkedIn profile” or just at the e-mail’s signature.

So, let’s do our business cards:

  • Personalize your LinkedIn URL if you haven’t done so already
  • Create a QR code for your LinkedIn profile
  • Research networking cards with QR codes, choose a design and get some of your own made up (optional)
  • Add your QR code to your resume template

And be sure that you have enough battery in your mobile to exchange as many business cards as possible!

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