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10 Oct, 2016

Big Data Congress

The past week, King eclient has successfully participated in the 2nd Edition of Big Data Congress – Barcelona! By doing so, we were able to present our outstanding Data Visualization techniques in the field of Website Analytics and User Experience.  

The congress, which was held on 4th & 5th of October 2016, was filled with joy and innovation! With many different leading companies presenting their own ideas and trends to acquire more knowledge from today’s Big Data. It was a very accomplishing session of interchanging thoughts for all of the attendees.

Big Data Congress ponencia

We, as King eclient, had the opportunity to introduce our new method of Data Visualization to the Big Data world. We presented a brief example of our technique using one of our client’s website – Skills Panorama. Which is a website mainly in inspiring the choices on skills and jobs in Europe.

Our project was a new way of presenting monthly reports to clients in a more informative and interactive way. With the help of Business Intelligence tools like Tableau, were not only able to provide more knowledge to our clients, but also made reports much easier to understand using just one dashboard.

But before we move on to our concept example, let’s go over a few important terms regarding the world of endless data.

What is Big Data?

The term Big Data is a concept which basically represents a large quantity of data. The source of this data can be considered to have different characteristics, such as being structured or unstructured. This information in visible form includes a very broad and extensive variety of formats. It can involve anything from numeric data to unstructured text, from video to even financial transactions (2016).

Big data is basically the harvest of all types of data, inside and outside your company to acquire more knowledge of discovery and analysis (Arthur, 2013).

What is Data Visualization?

“Data visualization is a general term that describes any effort to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context. Patterns, trends and correlations that might go undetected in text-based data can be exposed and recognized easier with data visualization software. (Rouse, 2016)”

Technology has evolved into a new era where data visualization tools go beyond standard charts and graphs used in Excel. It is now easier and more efficient to present information in this sense.

How important is it?

We as humans generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day (2016). This is such an excessive amount of information that almost %90 of data in the world has been created in just the last two years!

Therefore it would be a shame if any corporation or company remained neutral in this battlefield of endless data and information. An in-depth analysis and converting data into knowledge is considered to be a vital concept in order to maintain a constant competitive advantage.

Our Concept:

As King eclient, we came up with a solution using the power of Business Intelligence tools Like Tableau to visualize vast amounts of data. The example presented below is our one page dashboard showing all the necessary information regarding website analytics and user experience. From page views to session duration, or either device category to top pages, everything is included in this visualization alone:

Skills Panoramba dashboard

This brief example is fully interactive, informative and automated too. Meaning that we can present our data in a much clear sense while also making it very easy to use and understand. It’s considered to be a more detailed and comprehensive analysis/presentation of data when compared to traditional methods.

What does the future hold?

Imagine a running event where there is no last lap, no finish line, and no first place prize. The future of big data is pretty much the same, there is just simply no end. Therefore, the journey is what actually counts and makes sense, not the imaginary and invisible destination.

All we can say for now is that there also is no end in acquiring more data/information and converting these precious numbers into knowledge! It seems we will have to wait and see what the future holds in this meadow of endless intangible assets. 

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